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Date: 09/10/2014

Currently the market is popular SEO Keyword form, this method is quite simple: offer customers a few keywords then SEO services company will conduct the technique to speed up the position of these words first position on the search results page of Google. Recently when the algorithm of Google Panda and Penguin continuous updating the form of SEO is increasingly less effective for customers.
Unlike SEO keywords instead of targeting a few highly competitive keywords, SEO overall approach will spread out every few hundred keywords and wide spreading out the product page, product groups, overall SEO news ... can have key advantages:
• Increase business efficiency for customers: With SEO Keyword customers only receive traffic from a few keywords from the massive traffic, so many rivals focus on keywords so the competition fierce makes SEO costs while increasing efficiency is declining (as consumers increasingly tend keyword search term). The term SEO keywords (less searches, less competitive) opens to the client a blue ocean with hundreds of thousands of keywords and easy SEO closer to the needs of the consumer more.
• Reduce the risk of fines by the algorithm Penguin: Penguin hit the link too focused on a specific anchor text, the scattered with hundreds of keywords that will minimize this risk

But overall SEO faced obstacles:

• Difficulty in finding potential keywords: With two or three words in their business customers can find the right keywords are popular, but when the amount of up to several hundred words, this not easy it takes this much time and effort in researching keywords
• Difficulties in assessing the effectiveness of the SEO team: If you hire SEO services to some of the key words down you can grasp easily, but with 500 keywords, the assessment becomes very difficult towel.

SEO Services by SEO Vietnam is no difference:

• Special emphasis on keyword research step: Make a plan with hundreds of keywords like designing a house, if you consider it to be part of the construction cost, the design you receive will the design of a worker, not an architect. We split an independent cost keyword research and SEO service costs aims to give you a good design before start the service because it is difficult to project a success with a design bad planning
• Accompanying clients: In the SEO industry have a question, "Content is King" to emphasize the importance of content. So where to get content? No one knows your product than you, and you will be the most suitable to create quality content. So we need the companionship of the client to create good content, a basic foundation for your website existed before the sustainability of the Google algorithm.

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