Netizens support Uber taxi
Date: 04/12/2014

Immediately, many concurring opinions community social network in place, the general provisions of the proposed authority should be objective look more seriously before 1 new forms of service of society, rather than prohibit and sanction.

This development is considered to be "action" response from netizens community, in the role of the consumer is required to access the media type and active public services more efficient in life .

Hướng dẫn DJing sốcAccording to them, taxi Uber is one new type, should be studied in order to have an effective policy management, ensuring the requirements of the State management and safe transportation of passengers, rather than levels seen in most corners negative edge.

In the analysis by groups organized this type of service in HCMC offer, taxi Uber is specified with 5 positive traits. It's always safety criteria set out for cars registered vehicles involved in the model; criteria for the application of technology in the operation of the service to ensure the transport rule has been licensed and are allowed; more effective criteria of economic problems after taking his spare time in the circulation of the vehicle to carry passengers; transport performance criteria when users can find the necessary facilities in the shortest distances with the lowest cost; and competitive criteria as Uber is also one type of transport activity on the street.

Hướng dẫn DJing sốcAccording to those who have used this service, Uber by utilizing the relationship between the connected drive car with a taxi service user needs, through one operator "online" and the means of telecommunication, to ensure the migration of users to effectively fastest, most economical.

Hướng dẫn DJing sốcInstead of waiting to connect with one traditional taxi operators, taxi and wait while trapped "Whether taxi" service users will call the taxi Uber car service team at close range, and ensure faster transport.

User exploit such services, community networks are considered as effective and progressive, better forms of public transport has long been.

Hướng dẫn DJing sốcTherefore, the attitude of many users, is willing to support this model.

Three things to do serious

However, the first objective, the opinions of netizens debate also suggested the authorities should coordinate groups and service organizations both driving cars in HCMC researched what line 3 latch.

First, Uber taxi service is new, and it should synonymous with the monitoring, managing this type of authority would operate like. The earnings of the driver, the cost, the cost of insurance requirements ... will be necessary to clarify the transparency between the service organization with the authority to manage, insure against tax losses, avoid commercial fraud ...

Hướng dẫn DJing sốcSecond, taxi Uber create competition among different types of public transport together, but this means that the car is registered Uber transport was allowed or not. If drivers are employed, voluntarily registered to participate in the service when the vehicle is not known and do not agree, then the service can be legal? There should be clear rules about the brand identity for users Uber taxi easy to know and abide by the driver and the owner of the vehicle must also be recognized.

Third, this type of transport as well as new in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, mainly to exploit the performance of the vehicles on the street car, driver support additional income, take the time more free time to work.

There are things, whether under which condition overloaded vehicle traffic in Ho Chi Minh City has increased or not, this question should answer must be transparent and serious researchers.

Moreover, one form of psychological "bourgeois learned how to" rise from the service, from many angles tastes of young people, said that "Uber user can sit newer cars, to lemon with cheap ", even with the car ... the service.

Such reasoning about service Uber need to be repositioned clear, creating new positive opinion for this kind of transport.

Obviously if treated well above the key 3, the authorities and the group held in Ho Chi Minh City services will easily find a common voice in the process Uber taxi operations.

Community social network will have a more accurate view of the activity patterns, instead of only the one-dimensional assessment.

Since then, public opinion and responsibility of the management authorities will shed more light, before one type of service was considered quite popular in the world, but still new, breakthrough, is presence in the city and can be spread out across the country.

Whether or not to organize this service, the problem should be recognized and adequately 1 science, rather than sensory evaluation can be done!

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